Emergency Phoenix Bee Removal

What to do when You have bees!

First off, there is never really a need for an emergency bee removal. All bees, even the most mean bees will leave well alone when they are not threatened. That being said, it doesn’t take much for mean bees to feel provoked and attack. The really mean bees will sting everything around even up to a few hundred feet, and chase people and animals up to a few miles! But since that is not every case, and hyping up mean bees is necessary, we will discuss what needs to happen when you have bees, whether they are mean or nice bees.

Bees around my home what do I do?

First thing to do is find the source of the bees. Where are they coming and going from. You can follow their flight pattern and simply find their hive. They will fly up to 5 miles to get food and water, so you may not successfully find their hive, but in neighborhoods they will typically only need to fly up to a few hundred feet. So if they are not at your home, they will likely be on your neighbors house. We have a lot of phone calls where the home owner knows neighbors who has had bee problems in the past. This is typical. Bees are not just 1 person’s problem, they are typically the whole neighborhoods problem. This is why HOAs should be very cognizant of calling out professional beekeepers, not exterminators, or Beekeepers/ Exterminators.

Bees coming at my dogs what do I do?

Dogs, cats, and all animals are typically much more protected than people. However; there are certain exposed areas or breeds that are more susceptible to bee stings than other animals. For instance short haired dogs, and eyelids, or areas with little to no hair are all places where your beloved animal can be stung. The main thing to do is first find the hive, but also get your animals indoors ASAP. Bees will not chase your dogs around at night, they can, but typically the bee attacks happen during the daylight hours.

I’m allergic and cannot risk having bees around what do I do?

Get your bee hive removed. The best way to do that is to have a bee removal Beekeeper inspect for bees, which is important. Not all beekeepers know bee removals. Just google a beekeeper in your area, but make sure they ARE NOT licensed. Bee Removal specialists know construction, and typically know how hives act and grow within spaces where they need to be extracted from. So most local, beekeepers won’t know what they are doing unless they have considerable experience in this field. Get and inspection to locate the hive, and then have the hive saved and relocated.

I’m having a party and need to find where these bees are coming from, what do I do?

Have a bee inspection. Just like stated above, professional beekeepers, and bee removal specialists can find bee hives and relocate them. However, do this long in advance prior to your party, or if you are just finding our site, call us. Sometimes it’s better to wait to have the hive removed after the party, since you may stir the bees up. Causing a much bigger headache for your guests. Either way call Abellobees.com to have the best consultation on what you should do.

I heard some bees cannot be saved is this true? Don’t you need a license?

All bees can be saved. And NO, there is NEVER a need to have a license. Only licensed exterminators need a license. And as you can imagine it takes a particular type of person to want to kill bees, so they are apt to deceive people into thinking that they are beekeepers and will “save the bees”. We have received countless testimonies where homeowners and business owners were told that they called a “beekeeping” company who said that they would, “save the bees” only to be told when they arrived and started their work that, the bees, “must be exterminated” and that it is, ” the only option”. Do not put yourself in this situation. Call Abellobees.com first the best bee removal phoenix Company, and get the job done right, the first time, every time.

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