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Are you a Rule 1 follower? Then you have come to the right place! We have applied the principals found in the Rule 1 Blog to this site. Have you bought this book yet? It’s high time you did – check it out on Amazon.

Finding companies to invest in is not as hard as you think. We have attended Phil Town’s seminar. Town is a self made millionaire using principals taught by Warren Buffet. Principals that are so simple anyone can follow them.

But who has the time to do the research? We do! Many people are looking for new start up companies to invest in and we have found some amazing ones that pass the Rule 1 test as well as are great companies in general. Ones that make the world a better place and that sort of thing. So sit tight and be prepared to be amazed!

As with all investing sites we have to add the lawyer type mumbo jumbo: We can guarantee no financial success from investing in any of our recommendations. All stocks present inherent risks and you must do your due diligence and research. This site waives all liability from any losses and therefore all risk is on the stock holder

Abello Bees – Bee Removal Company and Raw Local Honey Seller

The first small to midsize company we want to feature is Abello Bees. Owned by Derek and Pauline Abello, this company is growing at a rapid rate. It has been in the business 7 years which is very ideal for a new small start up. And the rate of growth is tremendous. But first let’s learn a little more about the company because the key to determining whether or not it is a company you want to invest in always comes down to whether or not you love the company. As Phil Town says, “Would you want to own a piece of the company?” Because that is exactly what you are doing when you are investing. You are owning a piece of the pie. You are investing in the company. You are saying you want to see it succeed. Do you want to see Abello Bees succeed? I know I do. And here’s why.

Pauline’s Opinion

They are turning the tide in employment. Bucking the hourly wage “system” they are only hiring contractors (who does that?! They do!) Pauline Abello is quoted as saying,

“The hourly wage system is archaic and outdated. It is a stumbling block to the success of a company. It rewards apathy and it doesn’t encourage greatness either. If you and I both work for an hourly wage there is no incentive to get quicker or better at a job. And if you are someone who would want to, there is no encouragement for doing so. And if you hire people who are don’t care about getting better at their job then it’s definitely a lose for the company. Paying people by the job only encourages win-win all around. I ensure that the price I offer for the job more than equates to a fair dollar/hour wage, but what’s great is that people will strive to get better at their job. In our bee removal business, the quicker they are and the better they are, the faster they will complete the job and the better they will complete the job, and we’ll get great reviews for that beekeeper and we will in turn send that beekeeper more work. And that is a win-win all around.”

Bee Removals

Their business has been booming from bee removals. In fact, they are the best scottsdale bee removal company there is. They really have a corner on the market because many companies will position themselves as beekeepers but in fact they are killing the bees. Abello Bees is truly saving the bees every time. They never use chemicals and never kill the bees.

Who they are

The owners operate under the umbrella of Abello Industries LLC. They are also selling their hive tools on Which only increases their growth and success. They have yet to tap into honey selling because they have had so much business with the bee removals but that is obviously a golden gold mine sitting right there! Also the wax selling is a golden gold mine. They have a sizable list they have built up over the years so it is only a matter of tapping into that and offering the vast customer base the sale.

If you are interested in this company they are not yet publicly traded (yet!) but you can reach out to privately invest in their company. Find them on

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